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Produced  by Ltd  «Hight-Voltage Union RZVA» high-tech equipment is because the process of entering into operation a complex and time-consuming and consists of many stages, such as: design, construction, equipment supply, construction and commissioning. The process takes a lot of resources, appropriate material and technical base and highly skilled professionals. Therefore, for the full and vseob'yemnoho meet the needs of customers in Ltd «RZVA» was created block «Engineering», which consists of two divisions:

1. Department of «Engineering» Ltd  «VS-RZVA»  

Manager of Engineering Andrii Borysiuk

Tel.: +38 (0362) 617 396

mob. Tel .: +38 (050) 375-1866

2. Branch «Engineering» Ltd «VS-RZVA»  

Director Jaroslav Melnik           

Tel.: +38 (050) 435-54-54

Rivne Plant of High Voltage Equipment performs the full range of engineering services, including:

  • Pre-work (travel specialist at the facility, visual inspection, collection of information and data for the design);
  • Assist in obtaining technical specifications as part of the Treaty on the accession (on request);
  • Preparation of job design (with the customer);
  • Select the layout and original equipment;
  • Design of electrical performance necessary calculations, diagrams, drawings according to the requirements of technical standards;
  • Selection of relay protection, automation, AMR, TM, APCS;
  • Selection of materials and components;
  • Preparation of investor estimates the construction costs;
  • Get a solution designed by a power company;
  • Protection of technical decisions in the State examination (if necessary);
  • Implementation supervision at all stages of construction and commissioning;
  • Organization of works «turnkey».

Additional options:

  • Assist in the design of permits: Declaration of the beginning of construction works (declaration of readiness to object to the commissioning and etc.).
  • Assist the customer in coordination and approval of project documentation in the corresponding power supply companies;
  • Assist in obtaining permission to turn on electrical Derzhenerhonahlyadi under stress;
  • Scheduling of work linked to certain types of work schedules and labor movement at the facility;
  • Assist in the development of operational documentation.

All the work we carry out own qualified permanent units, and where appropriate (eg for survey work) attract foreign specialized resources.

All interaction with customers is based on the general contract agreements concluded, governing all the processes related to the fulfillment of obligations under the construction of power plants «turnkey».

Powerful own industrial base plant for the production of complete transformer substations of 35-220 kV proper management commissioning and finally allow the project structure to design, build and introduce electricity facilities in a very short time. For example, in 2011 for the six calendar months was designed, equipped with equipment and materials, built, adjusted and commissioned SS 110/10 kV «Beregova».

Integrated works allows us to optimize the maximum extent all organizational production procedures and ensure maximum quality and financial success, significantly reduces construction time facilities. The work of «turnkey» - it means saving the customer 30% and shortening construction projects - 50%

So we used the system of resource management process optimization throughout the work cycle provides lower total cost of construction projects.