The mainNewsHigh-Voltage Union RZVA launched production of hot water electric boilers
08 August 2016

High-Voltage Union RZVA launched production of hot water electric boilers

Due to the continuous rapid growth of the scale of power consumption are increasingly developing energy-saving technologies. Supports this trend of "High-Voltage Union RZVA" after making and implementing electric hot water boiler (EWB).

Economical and harmless heat energy, and high reliability in operation and quick availability boilers today are the most important requirements of heating plants of industrial and residential buildings. KEB production RZVA fully meets these requirements and comply with current standards specifications and has all necessary certificates.

Electric hot water boiler (EWB) is intended for use in the heating of industrial, residential and public buildings with forced circulation of coolant from 84-107 kPa atmospheric pressure and temperatures up to 40°C.

This boiler consists of boiler insulation, which establishes Block heaters depending on the capacity (960 kVA - 64 block heaters, 480 kVA - 32 block heaters, 240 kVA - 16 block heaters), water level sensor, temperature and pressure. The boiler is installed on the frame and sheathed protective panels vykrashenymy powder enamel. Boiler connected to control cabinet, which serves as the smooth start-up and degreeal and equipped with automatic protection against possible start without coolant overheating and installation, power bus for connecting the power cord.

Boiler equipped with inlet drain valve at the source - set safety valve and pressure gauge. Custom manufacturing of cabinets for accounting and programmer of this unit.

Chief Energy High-Voltage Union RZVA argues that this electric boiler performance specifics operation far exceeds their gas counterparts, because when heating water gas boiler to 60°C consumes 150 m3 of gas to 27 m3, in cash corresponds to 1050 UAH., And electric water upon heating to the same temperature consumes 1,000 kWh of electricity per hour (at night the rate is 400 UAH).

EWB provides high thermal comfort, easy to use, its design allows for room thermostats, hrohramatory that will enable to maintain the desired temperature in the room and save energy.