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02 August 2016

Keeping old traditions

In June, signed another agreement with Burshtyn TPP to supply high-voltage equipment - vacuum switch ВР35НСМ-35-20-1600U1.

The work of "High-voltage Union RZVA" is to develop the project and works on replacement of oil switches 20t-3 type MCP 35-1000-25H1 JSC 400/220/35kV GRP-220 kV with vacuum switch BP35HCM-35-20-1600U1, and dismantling, installation and commissioning. These works will improve the reliability of power supply both domestic and foreign industrial and municipal customers.

Burshtyn TPP is part of PJSC "DTEK Zakhidenergo" and is the largest thermal power plant in western Ukraine, a design capacity of 2400 MW (12 units of 200 MW) and now provides electricity to western regions of Ukraine and supplies electricity for export to the countries of Central Europe, namely in Slovakia , the Czech Republic, Hungary and others.

PJSC "DTEK Zakhidenergo" is one of the largest Ukrainian producers of electricity and heat. It consists of Burshtyn TPP, Ladyzhynska TPP and Dobrotvirska TPP.

Ltd. "High-voltage Union RZVA" appreciates the commitment of customers and hopes to continue to maintain close and mutually beneficial relationship with them.