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26 July 2016

Cooperation with OOO "KRT Inc."

Over the past two years, our company maintains mutually beneficial cooperation with OOO "KRT Corporation" to supply its products. So in 2016 signed several large contracts for the reconstruction of 110/10 Novorozdilskoyi CHP and SS "Javoriv-5."

Reconstruction of 110/10 kV substation Novorozdilskoyi CHP block includes supplying complete plants such KTPBR-110/10 kV, namely the replacement of oil switches, cell KU-10TS units including 110 kV vacuum switches ВРС-110, a cell installation on KU-10TS PS110 / 10 kV " Javoriv -5" will allow to connect to the mains newly built solar power.

Ltd. "High-Voltage Union RZVA" appreciates the trust of "MCT Corp." and hopes that the future products the company will be in great demand in this customer.