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15 August 2016

The contract with OOO "KRT Inc."

August 1, 2016 signed another contract with Ltd."KRT Corporation" Under this treaty, Ltd. "High-Voltage Union RZVA" is obliged to put its own production equipment (switchgear sets KU-10TS volume of 12 units) to build a new solar power "Ozerna" in Yavoriv district, Lviv region.

Ltd. "KRT Corporation" - a national leader in the market of elements of the upper structure of railway track, parts and components of rail fasteners. The mission of the company is to increase the reliability and safety on the railway tracks, generating and implementing innovative technologies, using the professionalism and experience of specialists of various fields.

Energy-saving technologies long and intensive development around the world, and recently their active development observed in Ukraine. Realizing this, Ltd. "KRT Corporation" invest part of their income to the development of solar energy in Ukraine.

Ukraine has enough favorable climate - amount of solar energy, in terms of 1 m2 of the ground higher than for Germany, which is one of the most progressive countries.

Ltd. "High-Voltage Union RZVA" appreciates the commitment of the company and hopes to continue to be involved in the development of clean energy in Ukraine.