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26 July 2016

Meeting NKREKP July 18

July 18 the National Commission, which performs state regulation in the areas of energy and utilities, held a meeting on energy efficiency of electrical networks and reducing losses in distribution networks 6 (10) kV by moving to a higher voltage class 20 kV with changing network configuration and conceptual approaches to automating distribution networks and systems of electric energy. The meeting was attended by representatives Minenergouglya GP "NPC" Ukrenergo "Derzhenerhonahlyadu, Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti, scientists NTU" KPI "representatives of the licensees' transmission and supply of electricity and representatives of domestic companies manufacturers of electrical equipment including employees of" high-union RZVA. " The meeting considered the prospects of transition from the three-tiered system of transmission and distribution of electricity 110-35- (6) 10 kV two-tier system of 110-20 kV; analysis of the current regulatory and technical framework for the design of energy systems and electric networks; basic requirements for electrical equipment 20 kV and possible ways to finance implementation of reconstruction networks 6 (10) kV during the transition to 20 kV voltage class. The result of this meeting it was recognized that the transition to the 20 kV voltage class with change and configuration automation distribution network - a necessary step and a priority to improve network performance, reduce losses, provision SAIDI and SAIFI. For the pilot sites selected 2 districts of the city. Kyiv 2 - c. Odessa 2 - c. Vinnitsa and 1 - m. Dnipro.