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14 July 2016

NKREKP Meeting held July 18, 2016

National Commission for state regulation in the areas of energy and utilities, July 18, 2016 initiated a meeting on the theme: "Improving the energy efficiency of networks and reducing losses in distribution networks 6 (10) kV by moving to a higher voltage class 20 kV from change network configuration. Conceptual approaches to automation systems and distribution network of electric energy. "

To participate in the conference invited representatives Minenergouglya, NPC "Ukrenergo" Derzhenerhonahlyadu, Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti and representatives of Ltd "High-voltage union-RZVA."

RZVA working group consisting of Melnik RI, Yaroshchuk SI, OV Kovryhina and Sirikit R.YE consider the prospects of transition from the three-tiered system of transmission and distribution of electricity 110-35- (6) 10 kV two-stage 110-20 kV and will be able to analyze the existing legal and technical framework for designing power systems and power networks, and the need changes in network design of 20 kV.

Also, we plan to report on the substituent CEO of Miller Roman Ivanovich respect of the legal documentation for the development of equipment for 20 kV.

At the end of the meeting a decision on the possibility of development of Ltd "High-voltage union-RZVA."


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