The mainNewsPresentation of the circuit-breaker series BPC-110 of 110 kV for SPA ”Belenergo”.
17 March 2015

Presentation of the circuit-breaker series BPC-110 of 110 kV for SPA ”Belenergo”.

Representatives of the Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment in the person of the commercial director and the deputy   general director presented innovative development - the vacuum circuit-breaker of 110 kV with one break per phase.

The presentation was visited by 20 representatives of SPA "Belenergo". The meeting on which was laid the foundation for further cooperation between the Rivne’s mechanicians and power engineers of Republic of  Belarus, took place in a friendly informal situation.

During presentation it was noted that the circuit-breaker has a variety of advantages: high mechanical resource (10 000 cycles) and a switching resource (10 000 at rated currents, 25 at rated breaking current); ecological safety (sf6 gas isn't used, there is no need of utilization and replacement of gas); temperature range of operation is from -60 to +50 oC. Thanks to these advantages the circuit-breaker series BPC-110   is successfully operated since 2011 on a many of power facilities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia, and also can be operated in any climatic zone of the world.

We  remind  that over the last 5 years the  Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment delivered more than 200 circuit-breakers series BP to Republic of Belarus.

We thank representatives of  SPA "Belenergo" for participation in presentation.

Reference: SPA” Belenergo” takes functions of management of economic activity of an electrical power complex of Republic of Belarus. The structure of "Belenergo" includes Six republican unitary enterprises of power industry, a construction and installation complex, the organizations of production infrastructure, the repair and adjustment enterprises, research, planning and surveying, design and experimental institutes.