The mainNewsПрезентація ВС-РЗВА для технічних керівників енергетичного сектору "ВС Енерджі Інтернейшнл Україна"
28 February 2014

Презентація ВС-РЗВА для технічних керівників енергетичного сектору "ВС Енерджі Інтернейшнл Україна"

On February 19, the RZVA's manufacturing site in Rivne city, Ukraine, delivered presentation for the technical directors and leading specialists of energy companies that are the members of VS Energy International Ukraine

VS Energy International Ukraine is one of the leading Ukrainian multifield companies. The company exercises its managerial functions in relation to the largest energy supplier companies of Ukraine: Kyivoblenergo, Rivneoblenergo, Zhytomyroblenergo, Kirovogradoblenergo, Odessaoblenergo, Sevastopolenergo, Khersonoblenergo, Chernivtsioblenergo.

The main theme of the event was to demonstrate the new innovative development: 110 kV vacuum circuit-breaker of BPC-110 series with one break per phase. The workshop was attended by: Anatoly Zommer, Vice President of energy development, VS Energy International Ukraine, technical directors and leading specialists of the above mentioned companies.

New BPC-110 circuit-breaker was introduced by Roman Melnik, technical director of High-Voltage Union -RZVA. His speech marked the main advantages of BPC-110 over other types of circuit-breakers, in particular:

  • extensive mechanical lifetime (10 000 cycles)
  • extensive electrical lifetime (10 000 cycles at rated currents and 25 cycles at rated breaking currents)
  • minimum dimensions and weight
  • ecological safety
  • wide operating temperature range (from -60° to + 50° С)

It should be noted, that currently the BPC-110 is successfully used at several power facilities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The plant tour followed the BPC-110 presentation. The guests got acquainted with technologies and equipment of the enterprise. The main products of the plant were demonstrated as well: 6-10 kV complete switchgears of KU10(6)S and KU10C series; 35 kV complete switchgears of KU35 and KU35S series; a line of 6-10 kV vacuum circuit-breakers of BP and BPC series.

The meeting was full of discussions. The energy specialists were active at discussions and got answers to their questions.

RZVA would like to thank VS Energy International Ukraine for the participation in the presentation and looks forward to further win-win cooperation.

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