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11 July 2016

Sub.-330 "Rivne"

Under the contract award №40-1/4010-15 of 12.04.2015 p. High-Union RZVA, complex work on technical reequipment of the 330 kV "Rivne," replacing switches 10 kV connections SV-10 (k.18) com. №40, №41, №45, №47 vacuum and modernization of relay protection automation based on microprocessor protection type MRZS-05M.

RZVA’s workes was led survey of existing equipment, be dismantled and physically obsolete panels and adjustment schemes existing devices. The work was redesigned and replaced the outdated design of oil switches vacuum switches Series BP (VR1-10-20/630 (4 un.) fnd VR3-10-40/3150 (1 un.)).

The work was conducted efficiently and in terms stipulated by the contract.


Retrofitting plants improved reliability of power supply of industrial and municipal customers Rivne.