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05 September 2014

Cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of Algeria

Electricity consumption in Algeria grew by 50 million ton of oil equivalent in 2013. Growing electricity consumption for economic and transport needs is forecast in the future as well. Considering these changes, the Ministry of Energy of Algeria actively invests into the development of renewable energy sources (RES).

Presently this domain is at the initial stage, and the use of RES is local. However, the country's climate allows the increase of RES use. The sunshine duration in Algeria is 2 thousand hours per year, and average energy of insolation in the country is 6.58 kW/sqm per day. The construction of 20 solar power plants is to be completed by the end of 2014, and they will be commissioned simultaneously. Algeria is going to invest 60 billion US dollars into development of new energy sources by 2030. The report of Ministry of Energy of Algeria shows that its solar energy resources are leading in the world.

These changes will surely attract the companies producing electrical equipment to cooperation with Algeria.And "RZVA" didn't become an exception. It is necessary to add that the company had already delivered the equipment for construction of thermal power plant of "Zhizhel " (Zhizhel ). It were switchgears of series  KE-6S . At that time the partner of company the Tekhnopromexport was a general contractor of a construction of thermal power plant of "Zhizhel ".


Zhizhel TPP was built by Technopromexport in 1994. The TPP has three generating units of 210 MW each. When constructing the station, the specialists of Technopromexport applied new engineering solution — bolting up. All the structures of buildings and installations were pre-assembled at the plant, thus, avoiding the welding on construction site and decreasing the man-hours