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22 December 2016

Power Engineer's Day!

Dear colleagues, friends!

The collective of the Rivne Plant of  High Voltage equipment congratulates you on a professional holiday – Power Engineer’s Day!

It is difficult to find more necessary specialty, than a Power engineer. After all we use results of your work everywhere and always, from a morning cup of coffee before start of a hadron collider. Therefore without exaggeration it is possible to call your profession fundamental for all mankind because there is no such sphere in Planet life where wouldn't need an energy.

This day we congratulate you and we thank for honest  work on which we not always reflect, but always we use its fruits.

The congratulation with Power Engineer’s Day is our official words of gratitude to all employees of branch which gives us daily so much heat and light! Let good luck smiles to you and accompanies success, let never light of love, heat and kindness in your eyes dies away.

In this hour, hard for our country, we wish you not to lose optimism, we wish emotional lift, inspiration, enthusiasm, pleasure, harmony, health, happiness, wellbeing, the world and inexhaustible energy!

On behalf of collective
CEO Gordievich B.P.

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