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Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment offers a wall-to-wall production of HV, MV and LV equipment - from design to installation supervision and after-sale service.

The Customer can enjoy the possibility to order not only single products but also comprehensive turn-key solutions directly from the manufacturer.

For the most of projects the Plant strives to deliver several different solutions, including low-cost ones.

The products are manufactured under the controlled conditions established by the Quality Management System functioning in accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements.

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1957 - 1990 y.y.
1991 - 2010 y.y.
2011 - 2014 y.y.


History of Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment

"To establish a plant for production of high-voltage equipmenton the facilities of Ukrtekstyltorg  and to name it as the State Union Plant of High-Voltage Equipment in Rivne (RZVA)".

This is an extract from the Decree No. 273 of the USSR Ministry of Electrical Engineering dated 18 May 1957,

it launched the great and glorious history of Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment.

1957-1990 Oil and low-oil circuit-breakers. Other Products


Production of first products such as interlock contacts, load interrupters, fuses and rheostats. Number of workers at the enterprise is 250 persons.


Production of first high-voltage circuit-breakers type VMG-133 with withdrawable spring drive.


Launching the serial production of second generation oil circuit-breakers: VMP-10K with electromagnetic drive and IMN-10P with spring drive.


Serial production of 35 kV oil circuit-breakers of series VMP-35TS and IMN-35P for Aswan HEPP in Egypt.


Serial production of low-oil circuit-breakers with double-acting automatic recloser of series VMM-10 developed for application in power supply systems of agriculture industry.


Production of circuit-breakers with integrated solenoid drive of series VEM-6, where the electromagnetic arc quenching principle was firstly applied in the USSR.

Launching the serial production of third generation oil circuit-breakers: VMPE-10 with integrated electromagnetic drive (instead of VMP-10K circuit-breakers) and VMPP-10 with integrated spring drive (instead of VMP-10P circuit-breakers).


Started the production of electromagnetic circuit-breakers of series VE-10 under the license of the Italian company SACE. These circuit-breakers were put into serial production instead of VEM-6 series.


For the first time in the USSR, switchgears of series KE-10 with VE-10 electromagnetic circuit-breakers were launched into serial production.


Launching the serial production of fourth generation low-oil circuit-breakers - a live tank circuit-breaker. Low-oil circuit-breakers of series VKE-10 were used instead of VMPE-10, and circuit-breakers of series VK-10 instead of VMPP-10.


For the first time in the USSR, switchgears in seismic design type KE-6S were developed and put into serial production. RZVA became a sole provider of auxiliary switchgears for thermal and nuclear power plants in the country.

1991-2010 Vacuum circuit-breakers, switchgears with vacuum circuit-breakers, KTPBR 110/35/10


For the first time in the country, launching the production of vacuum circuit-breakers VVE-10 with electromagnetic drive and VV-10 with spring drive.


The State Enterprise "Rivne Plant of High-Voltage Equipment" was corporatizied into the open joint-stock company.


Started the production of new generation switchgears of series KU-10 (instead of switchgears of series KE-10). Launching the production of modular transformer substations (KTPBR) for 35 kV voltage class. (KTPBR-35).


Launching the production of modular transformer substations with voltage transformation of 110 kV into 10 kV (KTPB-110-35-10). Started the serial production of 10 kV outdoor switchgears (KRUZ-10). ABB RZVA was founded on the basis of the RZVA manufacturing facilities with participation of the ABB International Concern.


Launching the serial production of railway transformer substations and outdoor vacuum circuit-breakers rated for 35 and 27.5 kV voltage. At the Joint Enterprise "ABB RZVA" the production process was restructured, state-of-the-art equipment was put into operation, which gave a rise to production of apparatus at the level of global standards.


ABB Concern sold its shares of JE "ABB RZVA" to the group of Ukrainian investors and left the Enterprise's composition.


Development and launch into production of new generation small-size switchgears of series KU-10C with vacuum circuit-breakers. Switchgears of series KU-10C are the most compact 6-10 kV cubicles with air insulation in the CIS countries.


Developed and launched the serial production of a new range of vacuum circuit-breakers of series BP with cast epoxy poles for rated currents up to 3150 A and breaking capacity up to 40 kA (including for NPP with 128 kA shock current). Switchgear cubicles of series KU-10 were adapted and tested for installation of SF6 circuit-breakers in them.


T he internationally accredited corporation Bureau Veritas completed the audit of the quality management system for compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements. Getting the Certificate on designing, production and after-sales service of 0.4-110 kV distribution and transmission electrical equipment.


RZVA became a winner of the II All-Ukrainian Award "Best Employer 2001".For the first time in the CIS countries, at the VI International Trade Fair ElcomUkraine 2002, RZVA demonstrated a 35 kV indoor vacuum circuit-breaker with cast epoxy poles, and the switchgear cubicle based on this circuit-breaker.


Improvement of previously developed products. Following the global trend for switchgears with circuit-breaker in the middle part of the cubicle, new switchgears of series KU-10S launched into production.


Launch of the Retrofit Program: RZVA offers to prolong the service life of switchgears and SMU by replacement of life-expired switching apparatus with up-to-date, reliable and durable vacuum circuit-breakers.


The launch of a silicone rubber molding line allowed the modernization of outdoor vacuum circuit-breakers rated for 35 kV voltage class. Started the serial production of 35 kV circuit-breakers with spring drive (BP35NSM, BP35NT) and electromagnetic drive (BP35NS) with organosilicon insulation of poles.


Development of KU-35S small-size cubicle with SF6 insulation for 35 kV voltage.

At the International Specialized Exhibition «Electrical Networks of Russia» 110 kV vacuum circuit-breaker with one break per phase was demonstrated for the first time.

2011-2014 110 kV vacuum circuit-breaker with one break per phase.


Completed the test operation and launched the serial production of circuit-breakers of series BPC-110.


Launching the serial production of small-size cubicle type KU-10S RN of standard mining design.

Establishment of representative offices in Estonia, Bulgaria, India, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova.

Today, our Enterprise continues to advance at a fast pace. The high professional qualification and expertise of managers, designers, process engineers and manpower as well as state-of-the-art machinery and cutting-edge technologies - all of this contributes to the high quality of our products and competitive prices.

We control the quality of our products at all stages of production: from accepting orders and careful check of products according to the parts list up to outgoing inspection and packaging. That's why we can guarantee high reliability, durability and safety of our equipment.

We believe that the Plant's history and its latest achievements will make a solid basis for mutual long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Realizing the responsibility for the results of our work, we hope to become your good and reliable business partner