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Social responsibility

High-Voltage Union -RZVA is a socially responsible company. We consider the social responsibility of business as the responsibility of decision-makers to those directly or indirectly affected by their decisions. The same as the legendary words of Exupery’s The Little Prince says «You are forever responsible for those you have tamed».

We believe that the concept of «social responsibility» covers not only accurate tax payment or sponsorship but also:

· creation of new jobs;

· wage payment and, therefore, bearing the responsibility for well-being of thousands of people (including their families);

· providing employees with adequate labor conditions;

· organization of leisure in non-working time 

· training, professional improvement of employees 

· assisting the RZVA's honored workers in rehabilitation;

· optional voluntary health insurance of employees;

· help to employees in critical situations (financial support in connection with death of relatives and other force-majeure);

· partial payment for food and beverages in factory canteens for employees;

The social responsibility is really shown in non-indifference to how things are done in the society where business is its constituent part. First of all, any person — whether a businessman or a policeman — is a citizen of his/her country and a member of the society. Now, it is important not just to grant financial support to people, but to direct time and efforts to find answers and solution to challenges facing the society.

The social responsibility of business means the achievement of commercial success by those ways that do not contradict the ethical principles and are respectful to people, communities and environment.