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Warranty Service

The warranty undertaken by "RZVA" for equipment delivery is not less than 4 years for the basic equipment of our production: transformer substations, switchgears and vacuum circuit-breakers.

In some cases the warranty may be prolonged up to 7 years; however, such decision is considered for each customer individually and is defined by contractual obligations.

The warranty period for other equipment supplied by "HVU-RZVA" – of our and of third-party production – is defined subject to the terms set in equipment data sheets. During the warranty period, "HVU-RZVA" undertakes to ensure repairs of broken or defective equipment.

Pre-operation warranty repairs include the repair of equipment that due to any cause (force-majeure, transport or unloading damage, robbery etc.) does not comply with the regulatory documents at arrival to the customer. If necessary, specialists of equipment manufacturers may come at customer’s facilities to respond to notifications about construction failures or non-conformity detected during installation, and start-up and commissioning works.

Warranty repairs during operation ensure elimination of failures in equipment operation due to any causes (excluding deliberate damage and improper operation).

The Hot Line and service engineers of the regional representative offices allow the quickest possible responding to customer’s requests.