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Installation Supervision

The range of installation supervision includes:

  • acceptance of equipment delivered from the  plant to the customer’s facility, consideration and closure of comments about the list and quality of equipment delivered
  • technical consulting and support (supervision) of works performed by specialists of installation organization or the customer’s operating personnel
  • quality control of installation performed
  • check-up of mechanical interlocking (if necessary, adjustment on-site)
  • check-up of switching apparatus operation

Moreover, engineering supervisors ensure training of the customer’s operating personnel: get them acquainted with structure and peculiarities of operation of new equipment.

The installation supervision makes about 50% of the total works performed by the UTNiS (Department of Technical Supervision and Service) specialists. The installation supervision works are provided for either in an additional clause to the delivery contract, and the cost is included in the contract price, or in a separate agreement on installation supervision.

The high-quality installation supervision allows decreasing dramatically  the risks of errors when installing and start-up of the equipment, detecting possible failures before putting the equipment into operation, as a result this contributes to the reliability of electrical installations. The installation supervision neutralizes a lot of organizational and technical difficulties arising out at installation of new equipment that is not familiar to the personnel.

The specialists of "RZVA" strongly recommend the majority of its customers to have installation supervision performed by the UTNiS (Department of Technical Supervision and Service). This is with the exception of permanent customers and partners: their specialists are well-acquainted with the equipment of "RZVA", maintain it for a long time, and have undergone the special training.


Tasks of the engineering supervisor on-site:

1. Check-up of documents availability

2. Check-up of completeness of equipment in accordance with packing lists

3. Check-up of completeness of spare parts and accessories in accordance with documents

4. Check-up of components, hardware, assembly parts and materials

5. Check-up of delivered equipment integrity

6. Compliance of foundation (bottom) for cubicles mounting

7. Control of cubicles mounting on foundation (bottom)

8. Control of the quality of installation, elimination of defects all over RZVA equipment

9. Visual inspection of assembly and check-up of the whole equipment

10. Check-out of mechanical interlocking in cubicles

11. Check-up of moving in/out of withdrawable units

12. Check-up of terminal gaps in main circuits

13. Quality check of rigid busbar assembly

14. Check-up of circuit-breakers (COoperations) either under the control current or external power source

15. Training of the personnel about operation, peculiarities of running and maintenance of equipment

16. Technical consulting of the customer’s personnel when they perform installation works